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Supervisor Skills Essays - 2728 Words

Six Skills to Successful Supervision Supervisors are an important part of any organization. They are charged with ensuring the will of management is carried out by the workers. A supervisor must communicate with that team. He or she must orient and train the employees. Their employees must be made to work as a well functioning, productive team. Employees must have the performance evaluated. Any conflicts that arise must be resolves and the working relationship must always be improved. Communication Well performing teams can not be built without good communication. A good supervisor must possess the ability to relay clearly their own thoughts, listen to the ideas of others and ensure the will of management is executed. Excellent†¦show more content†¦This is done by restating the key points of the speaker. Restating will show the speaker that he or she is being listened to which will improve the rapport and further enhance communication. The speaker will also have the opportunity to clear up any misunderstood points. Paraphrasing will also aid in remembering the conversation for later. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods The first day of work can be intimidating for anyone; even for those who have been in the workforce for many years. Nervousness, while not unusual, can be detrimental to the goals of a company. Taking the time to ensure all new employees are acquainted with their coworkers and surrounding can reduce insecurity and boost moral. A thorough training program will also help to eliminate mistakes, ensure procedures are followed and increase employee confidence. Orientation should be held on the first day. Employees should be given an opportunity to introduce themselves and learn about the others that are being going to be in orientation with them. This will help them relax and feel more comfortable asking questions. This is a good time to take care of paper work. Payroll and tax forms should be filled completed as well as any other necessary documents. This is also a good time to discuss the company and its plans. The employee should also be introduced to the hierarchy of the company. This will allow them to see whereShow MoreRelated1. Identify the Major Managerial Skills Needed by Every Supervisor. Why Are These Important?837 Words   |  4 Pagesmanagerial skills needed by every supervisor. Why are these important? The major managerial skills are technical, human relations, administrative, conceptual, leadership, political and emotional intelligence skills. The Managerial skills which are required by managers working at different levels of management. The top-level managers require more conceptual skills and less technical skills. The lower-level managers require more technical skills and fewer conceptual skills. Human relations skills are requiredRead MoreTheory of Supervision1692 Words   |  7 Pageswill affect the client through their thoughts about themselves and what lies in their expectations (Campbell, 2000). The supervisor should want to become familiar with the supervisee and get to know who they are and how they process ideas and thoughts. To be more clear how in general the supervisee views the world (i.e. in mostly positive or negative terms). Once the supervisor has become familiar with the trainee they can learn what negative ideas and thoughts that the trainee has and start to dispelRead MoreWhat Makes A Good Supervisor? Essay1165 Words   |  5 PagesA good supervisor will inspire, challenge, and motivate their employees. In addition, a supervisor has the ability to stay focused and is able see the big picture. However, one could possibly argue that the best quality that a good supervisor must possess is the skill to recognize the potential in others. Nevertheless, the most important skill a supervisor must possess is the ability to help those around realize their own potential. But is that all there is to a good supervisor? Or is there moreRead MoreTraining Evaluation1718 Words   |  7 Pagessomething from the training and are able to apply those skills at their workplace. There are different tools for assessment of a training program depending upon the kind of training conducted.Since organisations spend a large amount of money, it is therefore important for them to understand the usefulness of the same. For example, if a certain technical training was conducted, the organisation would be interested in knowing whether the new skills are being put to use at the workplace or in other wordsRead MoreRecruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Training Essay example1323 Words   |  6 Pages |unstructured interview where |resource department or a |minimum period of time until the | | |application and the specified |random questions are often asked. |representative from the higher |desired work skills are achieved. | | |requirements. The human resource | |authorities. |An employee who fails to show | | |department may choose or contact | Read MorePurpose And Goals Of Counseling Supervision1574 Words   |  7 Pagessupervision may vary according to the helping profession. Simply put, clinical supervision aid interns in cultivating skills they have already acquired prior to and during supervision, theorizing clients’ processes or progression, and essentially having compassion for their clients (Boswell, Polonyi, Watts, 2013). Moreover, clinical supervision not only aids growth and enhance skills but the growth of the counseling trainee is evaluated professionally (Boswell, Polonyi Watts, 2013), which providesRead MoreDianas Disappointment Essay623 Words   |  3 Pagespromoted:  · Self –awareness: When Diana had not been promoted the first time, she was told by her supervisor that she needed to work on her people skills. During another visit from her supervisor, it was suggested that Diana try to be friendlier and become more approachable to the employees. At that point, Diana should have realized that this is a weakness for her and that her lack of people skills might be the cause of the high turnover in staff she has been experiencing. Since Diana did not takeRead MoreWhat Do You Believe You Reached Your Goals? Essay1311 Words   |  6 Pagesstrength of significance as motivation to become the â€Å"best† that I could be as I worked towards each goal. I reached out to my field supervisor for guidance and support often as I worked on the goals. My field supervisor observed me several times to determine progress in applying active listening skills, displaying empathy, and using motivational interviewing skills. I appreciated the feedback and guidance that was provided after each observation and conditioned to apply the feedback to make continueRead MoreEvaluation Of An Individual s Transition Into The Field Of Psychology1471 Words   |  6 Pagespsychology. In the duration of this course the instructor and my peers provided feedback and hands-on experiences to gain a better understanding what makes a competent supervisor. Through the course we had been supported, observed, monitored, and evaluated to assure implementation of appropriate skill sets for our future positions as a supervisor. It was essential during the course to have access to knowledgeable professional instructor that would assist us in gaining working knowledge for our professionalRead MoreHealth and Social Care Essay830 Words   |  4 PagesInspectors and Assessors. This to monitor and improve those Standards and ensure that they are complied with. | | Assessment criteria 1.2 | | Question: Explain why reflecting on work activities is an important way to develop own knowledge and skills. | | Answer;Reflection on your own work activities is important because it allows you to assess what you are doing well, identify areas where you might like or maybe need more training or guidance in to ensure you are performing to the best you

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